is▓ so sure a sign of returning health; and dress●ing, with the greatest zest, a beautiful doll, w▓hich, with its plentifully-supplied wardr▓obe, lay beside her.Near the bed, a▓nd seated by a small table, covered ●with books and writings, was● Clara, who, by the rapid movem▓ent of her pen, and her immovable at●tention, was evidently deeply engro●ssed in her employment.Sir D▓udley could not see her face, for it was bent


d●own, and even its profile turned from him, b●ut a strange thrill shot through him as he gaze●d. “Oh! look, Miss Stanley, how beautif▓ul your w


ork shows, now she is dressed.How kin●d you were to make her all these p▓retty things.I can do it all but these buttons,▓ wil


l you do them for me” ● Clara laid down her pen with ▓a smile, to comply with the child’s request; an▓d as she di


d so, Laura laid her little head care▓ssingly on her bosom, saying, fondl▓y, “Dear, dear, Miss Stanle▓y, I wish papa

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would come; he would thank you f●or all your goodness much better▓ than I can.” “I wish he would come, for ●your sake and his

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own, dearest—not to t▓hank me, though I shall not love yo●u the less for being so grateful, Laura,” ●was the reply, in a voice, whose l●ow, musical

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tones brought back, as b▓y a flash of light to Sir Dudley’s h●eart, feelings, thoughts, memories, o●f past years, which he though

t were ▓hushed for ever. “Miss Stanley! Clara! inscr●utable Providence!—is it to ●you I owe my child” he exclai▓med, springing suddenly forward, and clasping h●is little child to





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  • he baronet tried to● return it wi
  • th a smile, but ▓his quivering li
  • p could only gas▓p forth an e
  • jaculation of thankfulness, ●and
  • sinking on a chair, he covered his


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  • with his hand. “Let me see thi
  • s ▓incomparable young woman, the
  • preserver of▓ my child!” he
  • passionately excl●aimed, as Dr.Bern
  • ard and Mrs●.Langley, after descr


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  • e progress a●nd crisis of Laura’
  • s illness,● attributed her unexpe
  • cted recovery,▓ under Providenc
  • e, to the incessant car●e and watch
  • fulness of Miss

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d flown.All s●eemed a thick and traceless mist; b●ut when she succeeded in shaking off that pr▓ostrating weakness, forcing ▓herself to remember it was Sir Dudley Granv▓ille, not Granville Dudley, wh▓o had thus addressed her, still on▓e fact was certain, the


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